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The village of Padarevo is located in Southeastern Bulgaria, at the heart of Stara Planina, just 20 km from the town of Kotel, 35 km from the town of Sliven and an hour driving from the South Black sea coast and the town of Burgas.
The village of Padarevo belongs to Blateshka municipality, Sliven district.
The Blateshka municipality is comparatively small municipality. It encompasses the following villages: Blatets, Dragodanovo, Gorno Aleksandrovo, Trapoklovo, Glushnik, Avramov, Sedlarevo, Padarevo.
The village of Blatets is famous for its vineyards and vine-cellars. Here is produced the unique wine ‘Winner’.
The Sliven district is located in Southeastern Bulgaria. It borders with Yambol district on the south, with Burgas district – on the east, on the north – with Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte and Shumen districts, on the southeast – with Stara Zagora district. On the south of Stara Planina Mountain the Sliven district encompasses Tundjanska district, Novozagorsko, Kermensko and Slivensko fields. On the north they are surrounded by Eleno-Tvardishkata and Slivenska Mountains, from Vratnik passage, and divide into two at Kotlensko-Varbishki part. This defines the presence of two areas regarding the district’s relief – on the north – hilly and mountain, on the south – plain.
The main water resource for the municipality is Tundja River. At Tundja River, about 25 km from Sliven is build ‘Jrebchevo’ dam, which is used mainly for irrigating.
Through the lands of Sliven pass the rivers Asenovska, Selishtka and Novoselska. At the Valley of Asenovska River is built ‘Asenovets’ dam, which is the main water source for the town.
Sliven district is rich in mineral springs – near the towns of Sliven and Nova Zagora – the village of Banya, the Sliven and Korten mineral baths that are resource for developing balneology tourism. The Sliven mineral baths are balneological resort of national importance. There is necessary equipment build, including balneotherapy establishments, holiday houses, and swimming pools. The Sliven’s mineral water is 48? , with capacity 17 litres per second.  The water is of high quality, suitable for treatment of spine and bone problems, illnesses of the peripheral nervous system, the stomach, intestines, liver, etc.
The population of Sliven district is 218474 inhabitants. Its administrative centre is the town of Sliven, located at the foot of ‘Sinite Kamani’. The town’s population is 100 134 people, it is one of the biggest towns in the country. The second biggest town on the district’s territory is the town of Nova Zagora, after that are the towns of Kotel and Tvarditsa.

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