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The village of Polianovo is located in the eastern part of Bulgaria, 10 km from the town of Aitos, 17 km from Karnobat and only 40 km from the Burgas ( where is the Internal Airport).
The villages: Pirne, Karageorgievo and Topolitsa are located just next to the village of Polianovo.
The hamlet Polianovo is lying in the Aitos Municipality, in the Burgas region.
Aitos municipality is characterized with rich natural potential. Although small in size, it possesses various earth formations. Its northern parts along the entire east-west extent are occupied by the southern spurs of the low (up to 700 m) Aitos mountain. Its slopes descend slowly, round off their outlines and at some places turn into tedious hills. Its last spur ends with terrain undulations, merging with the plain - to the west of the town of Aitos
The Southern part of the municipality is occupied by Aitos field, which is a peripheral part of Burgas valley.
17 residential areas with total population of 35 547 people towards 31.12.1999 are included in the administrative and territorial boundaries of the municipality. 24 780 of them live in the municipal centre the town of Aitos. The residential places with more than 1000 people are Maglen, Karageorgievo, Topolitza. The residential places with residents from 500 to 1000 people are Chernograd, Chukarka, Pirne, Karanovo, Peshtersco, and with residents less than 500 people - Sadievo, Malka polyana, Dryankovets, Cherna mogila, Zetyovo, Lyaskovo, Raklinovo, Polyanovo
The Bourgas region is one of the most developed regions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is the second largest in area (next to the Sofia region) and the fourth populated region of the countre.
The geo-strategical situation of the region is a factor of national importance well acknowledged by several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Here goes the crossing of both traditional and newbuilt axes of economical and political interests as follows: Europe-Near East-Asia; Europe-Middle East-Asia; Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Western Europe.
Bourgas region is an important "Entrance/Exit" of Bulgaria. Circa 74 % of the annual import/export of the country goes exlusively through the Port of Bourgas.

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