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Properties in Bulgaria, Asparuhovo, 1

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Partially renovated two-storey house for sale in the village of Asparuhovo, only 27 km from the city of Burgas and the sea.
14 Partially renovated two-storey house for sale in the village of Asparuhovo, only 27 km from the city of Burgas and the sea.
Price: € 19,999
The house is made of bricks, in good condition - suitable for year-round living in Bulgaria. The total area is 112 sq.m. distributed as follows: The ground floor has a living room with separate kitchenette, three rooms and a bathroom with toilet. The roof is completely repaired, new gutters, there are new plumbing and electrical installations, plasterboard on the ceiling and exterior...
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Ref. No.: 5291
Town / Village: Asparuhovo
Yard: 1695.00 sq. m.
Living area: 112.00 sq. m.
Price: € 19,999

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Properties in Bulgaria, Asparuhovo, 1

The village of Asparuhovo is lying in south-eastern part of Bulgaria, 10 km from Aitos, 35 km from the Sea town – Burgas and 40 km from the Black Sea seaside resorts – Nessebur and Sunny Beach.
The village is situated in Karnobat Municipality, in Burgas region.
The territory of Karnobat municipality is within the transitional continental climatic region. The climate is under the influence of the oceanic air masses, which come from west and north-west and the continental ones from north-east. The terrain conditions and the closeness with the Black sea are additional factors, which influence the climatic elements
The territory is drained by Mochuritsa river, which flows into Tundzha river and its length is 85.9 km, and Rusokastrenska river, which flows into Mandrensko lake.
At about 15-16 km. south from Karnobat, Straldzha bog is situated between Straldzha and the villages of Antolovo, Lozenets, Venets and Devetnitsi. In the beginning of XX century it is the biggest lake in Bulgaria. Different waders - the swan and the whooping swan, the big egret, goose and others  find favourable conditions of life in Straldzha bog. Most of the species are included into the Red book of Bulgaria for rare and protected from vanishing species
Karnobat municipality includes in its administrative territory totally 30 residential places - 1 town and 29 villages, with population of 31 444 persons in 1999, 21 557 of which live in the municipal centre the town of Karnobat. Among the villages only Ekzarh Antimovo is with a population over 1000 people. With a population of 500 to 1000 people are the villages of Iskra, Krumovo, Gradishte, Klikach and Nevestino. The rest villages are with a population under 500 persons. With population under 100 people is only the village of Kozare.

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