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Properties in Bulgaria, Melnitsa, 1

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House and business are offered for sale in the village of Melnitsa, only seven kilometers from Turkey.
13 House and business are offered for sale in the village of Melnitsa, only seven kilometers from Turkey.
Price: € 19,800
The house is completely made of bricks and durable, with good location. The house is spacious, with a large yard. There are additional buildings - awnings and a summer kitchen. The house is maintained and is in good condition, located in the centre of the village. There is sewage, electricity, water. Bordered by asphalt road. The house is suitable for rural tourism and hunting. VERY...
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Resales Refurbished
Ref. No.: 4881
Town / Village: Melnitsa
Yard: 1000.00 sq. m.
Living area: 200.00 sq. m.
Price: € 19,800

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Properties in Bulgaria, Melnitsa, 1

The village of Melnitsa  is located in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, 6 km from Bulgarian-Turkish border and the check point – the village of Lesovo. From the village  it will take you no longer than an half an hour to Odrin /Turkey/.
The village of Melnitsa is situated on the hills of Strandja Mountain – Dervenski elevations of the “Dermen-Dere” river, feeder of Tundja river. In the village of Melnitsa and in the vicinity on the village, there are Many UK families. One part of them already have owns business.
The village of Melnitsa is located in the Elhovo Municipality.
The Elhovo municipality is situated in the southeast part of the Republic of Bulgaria and is included in the administrative unit of the District of Yambol.
It borders the Topolovgrad municipality, District of Haskovo, to the southwest, the Bolyarovo municipality to the east, the Republic of Turkey to the southeast, and the Tounja municipality to the north.
The total territory of the Elhovo municipality is 708 sq. km and encompasses 22 settlements.
There are four groups of villages according to their geographical location:
· North of the town of Elhovo – 5 villages: Kirilovo, Boyanovo, Zhrebino, Stroino and Borissovo.
· West of the town of Elhovo – 4 villages: Izgrev, Pchela, Trankovo and Malak Manastir.
· Southeast of the town of Elhovo – 6 villages: Dobrich, Malomirovo, Chernozem, Lalkovo, Slaveikovo and Razdel.
· South of the town of Elhovo – 6 villages: Granitovo, Melnitsa, Valcha Polyana, Malko Kirilovo, Golyam Dervent and Lessovo.

To see the exact location of the village of Melnitsa on the map, please see the location:


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