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Village of Branitsa is located in South-Central Bulgaria. It is part of Harmanli Municipality, Haskovo District.

Haskovo region is situated in eastarn part of the South-Central Bulgaria. It is bounded by the regions of, PLOVDIV, STARA ZAGORA, YAMBOL and KARDZHALI. The southeastern boundery of the region coincides with the national border with Greece and Turkey.
The territory of HASKOVO region includes the southwestern ridges of the Sakar Mountains and the northernmost spurs of the eastern RHODOPES; the rivers that flow through the area are the MARITZA, the ARDA and the Sazliika. The most common occupation of the population is tobacco growing and the chemistry, textile and knitwear industries are also well developed. The railroad and the SOFIA–ISTANBUL international highway together with Trakia (Thrace) highway pass through the region. There are hot mineral water springs in the balneological resorts of MINERALNI BANI and Merichlery, in the town of  SIMEONOVGRAD and the village of Dolno Botevo.

Quick facts about Village of Branitsa
Other transcriptions: Branica, Branitza
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Браница
Location: South-Central Bulgaria
Distance to capital city: 239.685 km from Sofia
Latitude: 42N
Longitude: 26.08333E
Altitude: 300 - 499m above sea level
Province: Haskovo District
Municipality: Harmanli Minicipality
Area size of Village of Branitsa: 37.723km2
Population of Village of Branitsa: 215 inhabitants (to 01/01/2006)
Post code (ZIP) of Village of Branitsa: 6463
Phone code of Village of Branitsa: 03767 from Bulgaria, 003593767 from outside

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